The Modern Kilt

Posted by Jane Sandwood on 16th Jan 2018

Kilts and the Modern Men who Love ThemBeing a modern man is no different today than it was 100 years ago. It is all about sticking to principle. Fashion, technology, architecture and even standards of … read more

Why don’t you carry my clan/family tartan?

Posted by Brice Lythgoe on 8th Dec 2017

Why don’t you carry my clan/family tartan?I get this question asked a lot! Typically several times per week I have someone that will contact me with questions on how to get their specific family or … read more

Just Wear The Kilt! Forget about everything else.

Posted by Brice Lythgoe on 31st Aug 2017

Just Wear The Kilt!So I had an experience a few weeks ago that I wanted to share. It really helped remind me of why I wear kilts, utility kilts or traditional kilts, and what I should really worry … read more

Wholesale and UT Kilts - Why we don't do it.

Posted by Brice Lythgoe on 27th Apr 2017

Why UT Kilts does not and cannot do WholesaleOver the years I have been approached by lots of different businesses asking to be able to sell my kilts. This would always be followed for a list of th … read more
The Truth About Shipping Costs

The Truth About Shipping Costs

Posted by UTKilts on 20th Sep 2016

The Truth About Shipping CostsRecently I have been getting several emails from people questioning the amount charged for shipping. Typically, these come from people outside the United States, but t … read more