The Truth About Shipping Costs

The Truth About Shipping Costs

Posted by UTKilts on 20th Sep 2016

The Truth About Shipping CostsRecently I have been getting several emails from people questioning the amount charged for shipping. Typically, these come from people outside the United States, but t … read more

Thoughts on Returns/Exchanges for Online Retailers

Posted by UTKilts on 12th Jul 2016

UTKilts thoughts on returns/exchanges for online retailersRecently I was invited to a webinar to help show how sellers on Amazon could sell their items in Europe. I have always thought about having k … read more

The Rise of Stylish Scottish Kilts with Everyday Functionality

Posted by Brice Lythgoe on 26th May 2016

The humble kilt has a long-standing history, as colorful and as sturdy as its Scottish roots. Fast forward to the 21 stcentury, however, and it’s now evolved into something that’s not only p … read more

Traditional Kilts To The Modern Utility Kilt

Posted by Brice Lythgoe on 29th Apr 2016

If there’s one thing that can be send about the people from Scotland, it’s that they love two things – their football, and their kilts. While most people outside of Scotland think of kilts as simply a … read more