Celebrating 10 Years!



Current Discount Until 7-23



Current Contest Through 7-26 

Win an 8 yard, made in Scotland kilt or a 5 yard, made in Scotland casual kilt!




I can't believe that UT Kilts is celebrating 10 years.  According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about two thirds of business fail before they hit the 10 year mark.  The fact that we are still here, even through a pandemic, shows how amazing every single one of you are.  

When I started UT Kilts I was a Spanish teacher at a local middle school with a part time job as an adult education teacher in a neighboring district.  I was just hoping to earn some extra cash to help support my family. When I started this neither myself nor my wife thought it would turn into what it is today.  

UT Kilts is more than just a business for my family and I.  It really has turned into a community of people that care for one another.  During the pandemic I was overwhelmed with calls, texts, and emails to ask how we were doing during the pandemic. More recently the patience of each and every person that had to wait over 2 months for their wool utility kilt due to some supply issues really showed me the type of people that shop UT Kilts. Not a single person ever expressed anger about the long wait.  These experiences and countless others have taught me that UT Kilts has become more than just a place to buy kilts and accessories.

UT Kilts has become a group of people, no matter your background or history, that are united by a common love of all things Scottish.  In my opinion, this makes us have more of a family type relationship rather than a business - client relationship.  While I do miss teaching quite a bit, this is not something I would ever give up.  The interactions I have with each of you every day is what motivates me to come into to work. That is what makes UT Kilts special and different from similar places.

Those are the things that have been jumping around in my brain over the last several months.  Those are what have motivated me to offer these amazing discounts, contests, and giveaways for our 10 year celebration 

Thank you for your support over these last 10 years.  I hope the next 10 will be just as amazing!

Discounts and Sales

These are not going to be your regular discounts and sales you typically see at UT Kilts.  I will be doing discounts larger than any I have done in the past.  Also, while in the past I have excluded made in Scotland items and packages, this time we are not!  Everything is fair game for these sales.  This is how it will work:

1.  There will be a minimum of 3 different sales each week

2.  Two will be during the week with one on the weekend (could possibly have more during the week)

3.  Each sale or discount will only last until the next one begins, so at most 2 days during the week and 3 days for the weekend

4.  All sales will be announced through email only once.  No reminder emails will be sent.

There will be some awesome deals coming up in the next 3 weeks so be sure to watch for the emails!

Contests and Giveaways

The contests and giveaways featured during the next 3 weeks could basically be anything! From posting your best photo to just responding to a post on Facebook or Instagram. These will be on random days so be sure to use the links below to follow UT Kilts on Facebook and Instagram so you know exactly when they are happening. These contests, in most cases, will be quick (1 or 2 days long at most) so be on the lookout for when I announce them. There are some awesome prizes to win and I am super excited to give them out!

All photo contest winners are decided by someone outside of UT Kilts.