CLEARANCE! Ghillie Brogue Shoes - Size 7 Men's

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Size 7 in Men's.  New, no problems

All clearance sold as is.  Any returns will be subject to a restocking fee

Traditional Ghillie Brogue Shoes

The UT Kilts Ghillie brogue are the perfect shoe for your formal Prince Charlie, Argyle, or Modern Kilt Jacket. Our ghillie brogues are extremely durable and comfortable no matter the event or situation you use them for.  Made from a high quality leather and coupled with a durable synthetic sole, these shoes are built to last for a long time.  They offer a beautiful wing tip design that will look amazing with any kilt outfit, formal or not.  Plus at only $54.50, you are getting a great price as well.

Features Include

  • Black leather with beautiful wingtip design
  • Extra long laces to get the perfect tie
  • Durable synthetic sole
  • Available in multiple sizes


Currently we only offer regular widths on these shoes and whole sizes (no half sizes).  Follow these sizing instructions:

Thinking of your current size of shoes, if you almost always wear one specific size in all shoes, then order that size.  If you are in between, go up to the next size.

If your size changes depending on the shoe (10.5 in one and 11 in another, for example) go with the even size of the two (if you are 10 and a 10.5, order a size 10)

The sizing tends to be on the bigger side of your typical shoe.

How To Tie 

Hold the laces, one in each hand, and the 5 or 6 times cross them over each other (the laces are still in front of you),  Then wrap them around the back of your leg and cross them to bring them around to the front.  Then tie them as normal.

Special Note On Fit: These have very little arch compared to most shoes.  An insert or arch support may be necessary, but is very easy to put in.