Win one of two 4 yard, Made in Scotland Kilts!

The perfect traditional kilt for summertime fun!



Yep you are reading that right!  You could win one of two of these made in Scotland kilts.  Any of the 1500+ tartans that are available in Scotland are available for this contest. Check out the details here:

  1. 100% worsted wool woven in Scotland (polyviscose and tweeds are also available)
  2. Tartans available in 10-16oz weights
  3. Your choice of any stock tartan from most of the major mills in Scotland
  4. Retail value of up to $300

How do you enter the contest?

This is the simplest contest to enter. There are 3 different ways:

1. Any purchase made from the 1st of May through June 12th automatically enters you:

Orders up to $140:

$1 spent = 1 entry into the contest

If your order is over $140:

$1 spent = 2 entries into the contest


2. Post a 'kilt in action' video or a testimonial video:

1 video = 40 entries into the contest


3. Post a picture

1 picture = 10 entries into the contest




So what's the catch?

No catch! However, we all know these type of contests have rules so here they are:

1. Matching tartan items like flashes, fly plaids, sashes, etc. are not included. However, they can be purchased along with the kilt.

2. This contest is for the kilt only. Does not include any other accessories.

3. This does not include surcharge tartans.  If a surcharge tartan is chosen, you will have to pay the difference (not much usually)

3. The entries accrued on purchases exclude tax, shipping, and any applied discounts.

4. This contest is void wherever it is prohibited by law