CLEARANCE! Premium Buchanan Muted 100% Wool Tartan Kilt 16 oz - 44x24

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Waist size 44 x length 24.  New, no problems.

All clearance items are sold as is.  Any being sent back will be subject to a restocking fee

Premium Buchanan Muted Tartan Wool Kilt 



  • Made from 16 oz 100% wool fabric
  • Lots of tartans to choose from
  • Uses 6-8 yards of fabric (depending on size and tartan pattern)
  • Traditional Selvedge edge, not hemmed
  • Belt loops for belt and sporran
  • Full lining on inside of kilt
  • Double Fringed apron
  • Traditional 3 buckle straps

UT Kilts Premium Wool Kilt vs Standard Wool Kilt

We currently have two types of wool kilts:  The Premium and The Standard.  While both are constructed in very similar ways, there are some very big differences.  These differences give our premium wool kilt the most traditional look and feel.  The extra yardage in fabric used means a better swing, with more pleats in the rear.  Combining that with a 16oz wool fabric and you get an absolutely stunning kilt. 

Premium Standard                            

 6-8 Yards of Fabric

 4-5 yards of fabric

 16oz Wool

 13 oz for most tartans

 Selvedge Edge (un-hemmed)    

 Hemmed bottom edge

 Measuring and Sizing

The size that you choose for your order will be the smallest setting on the buckle straps (i.e. a size 36 adjusts from a 36 up to just under a 40). Depending on where you want the buckle to end on your waist will determine your size. A good rule of thumb to follow is to go down 2 inches from your measured waist size. That will put you in the middle of the buckle straps (i.e. 40 measured would order a 38).

You MUST measure in order to get the correct size. Please visit our measuring section of the website for additional questions on sizing. DO NOT use your pants or jeans size to determine your kilt size.

Because this is a clearance item, returns will not be accepted for incorrect measuring.