Deluxe Sporran Chain Strap

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Black Deluxe Sporran Chain Strap

The Deluxe sporran chain strap is an upgraded version of what typically comes with our sporrans.  This chain strap is one solid piece of chain connected to the black strap and buckle strap.  The buckle has a beautiful design on it to give you a super nice, formal look.  However, this chain is not just for formal occasions.  It can be worn for highland festivals just as much as Scottish weddings.  This chain strap is the perfect solution for those wanting an upgrade or for those just needing an extra.

Features Include:

  • Durable, chrome chain
  • Made from a beautiful faux leather
  • Sizes to fit most kilts
  • Will fit most sporrans


Sizing for the chain straps are as follows:

Kilt size 30 - 38: Medium

Kilt size 39 - 47: Large

Kilts size 48 - 56: X-Large

Type of sporran fit

This will fit any sporran that does not have clips on the back of the sporran as pictured below.  If your sporran chain has clips, it will still probably fit.  If The clips on your sporran chain connect to a "coupler" that can be removed like in the picture below, it will fit just fine.  Basically, take your current sporran chain and if the entire chain can fit through the rear of your sporran (except the buckle part) you are good to go.