CLEARANCE! Edinburgh Tartan Scarf

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Edinburgh Tartan Scarf

Our made in Scotland tartan scarves are made from the highest quality lambswool.  These scarves will help you look amazing, show your pride in Scotland, and help keep you warm on those cold winter days.   

Tartan Information

Lochcarron of Scotland: "The Edinburgh tartan was designed and registered by the late Hugh Macpherson of Edinburgh in 1970 to mark the Commonwealth Games being held there that year. In more recent times this pattern has provided inspiration for two quite separate patterns named 'Dunedin' in Florida, USA, and Dunedin in New Zealand. 'Dunedin' is an alternative (or lyrical) form of Edinburgh used by towns in these countries. Tartans Society notes say: Several attempts have been made to develop a special tartan for the residents of Edinburgh. None had success until the design by Councillor Hugh Macpherson in 1970 on the occasion of the Commonwealth Games. The colours have symbolic references to the City of Edinburgh. Sample in STA Dalgety Collection. In 2006 an interesting note came to light in the Johnston Collection. In 1974 J C Thompson wrote (to whom we don't know) The Edinburgh tartan' . . .was designed by Hugh MacPherson (I believe then Mayor of Edinburgh) in 1970. It is, to my mind, an uninspired color variant of the Nova Scotia (#1713), which predated it by many years." (1953). A comparison of both, certainly confirms this claim and it would tie in with Hugh MacPherson's modus operandi in that he did not (to our knowledge as at 2006) produce any original designs but merely changed the colours in a host of clan tartans and renamed them 'dance' or 'dress'."

Tartan Scarf Specifications

These scarves are made from pure 100% lambswool. They are very soft and super comfortable to wear. Great for both men and women.

Scarf Dimensions: 71 inches x 10 inches including fringing.