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Kilt Hanger - Utility or Traditional

The best hanger for your utility kilt or traditional Scottish Kilt


Never been really sure about how to best hang up your amazing UT Kilt?  The UT Kilts Kilt Hanger is now the best way to easily hang up your kilt.  At only 14 inches wide, this kilt hanger will fit in just about any closet, unlike many other 4 clip hangers that are over 22 inches in length.  For your utility kilt, typically only 1 kilt hanger is sufficient.  Have our Premium wool kilt?  No problem!  Just order two of them and follow our instructions below.  These hangers will hang your kilt nicely without damaging them.  

Features Include:

  • Swivel hook on the hanger so you can turn it to any direction you need
  • Wood finished body
  • 2 Durable hooks on each hanger
  • Hooks will not damage your clothing
  • Built for the heavier weight of Scottish kilts

Instructions on how to use

Utility Kilts - For most of our utility kilts, only one hanger is needed per kilt.  For Larger sizes beyond 50, two might be needed.  There are a couple of ways to hang your kilt:

1. Works best for smaller sizes - Snap your kilt up as if you were going to wear it, clip on the hanger, and hang it up (see attached picture to this listing)

2.  For larger sizes - Unsnap/buckle the entire kilt and fold it in half.  Then fold it in half again, clip on the hanger, and hang it up

Premium Traditional Kilts and other traditional kilts - We recommend using two hangers (see attached pictures to this listing)

1.  Fold your kilt in half.  Place one hanger on either side of your kilt.

2.  Then fold your kilt in half again so the hangers match up.  Turn the hooks on the hangers to match up, as needed, and hang your kilt