Premium Black Watch 16oz Wool Tartan Kilt

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Premium Black Watch Tartan Wool Kilt 16oz 

Most of us have always wanted that beautiful wool kilt in a tartan that we love.   This premium wool kilt will give you that beautiful, Scottish wool kilt without breaking the bank.  Made from up to 8 yards of 100% wool fabric, it will give you the hang and swing that everyone hopes for in a wool kilt.  This kilt is so striking that it can be used for even the most formal occasions.  Plus, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for it.  At only $125, you get the perfect blend of a great price and an exquisitely made kilt 


  • Made from 16 oz 100% wool fabric
  • Uses 6-8 yards of fabric (depending on size and tartan pattern)
  • Traditional Selvedge edge, not hemmed
  • Belt loops for belt and sporran
  • Full lining on inside of kilt
  • Double Fringed apron
  • Traditional 3 buckle straps
  • Comes with a 24 inch total length
  • Premium matching flashes can be purchased here

UT Kilts Premium Wool Kilt vs Standard Wool Kilt

 We currently have two types of wool kilts:  The Premium and The Standard.  While both are constructed in very similar ways, there are some differences.  The standard style kilt here has only up to 5 yards of material and only uses 2 buckle straps.  The premium (this listing) has 3 buckle straps and uses 6-8 yards of material.  That gives you a heavier kilt with better "swing" in the pleats and a more traditional looking kilt.

Tartan Information

This is a universal tartan.  That means it does not have any clan or other affiliation.  From the Scottish Tartans Authority:

"This sett is based on Logans 'Sutherland' tartan. Various thread counts appear in Wilsons pattern books of roughly the same proportions. Documents show that this was the tartan appointed for the Highland Companies in 1725 and later for the Black Watch in 1739. Slightly different count from 42nd Regiment. Sample in STA's Scarlett Collection. Sinclair/Brown Scrapbook (started in the 1930s) provides a particularly dark sample with the notes: " . . . worn by Earl of Sutherland 1719 [Portrait] and known to have been used by the clan and by the Gordons in the early 17th century."

Who can wear this tartan?

This tartan is classified as a universal or fashion tartan.  You do not need to have any special historical or ancestral connection to wear it.  


The size that you choose for your order will be the smallest setting on the buckle straps (i.e. a size 36 adjusts from a 36 up to just under a 39.5).  Depending on where you want the buckle to end on your waist will determine your size.  A good rule of thumb to follow is to go down 2 inches from your measured waist size.  That will put you in the middle of the buckle straps (i.e. 40 measured would order a 38).  
You MUST measure in order to get the correct size.  Please visit our measuring section of the website to determine which size is best for you.  DO NOT use your pants or jeans size to determine your kilt size.  
Custom waist sizes, lengths, or tartans
Need a waist size or length not listed here?  Looking for a different tartan? Checkout our special order listing here that will allow you to customize the kilt to your exact waist and length (only recommended if our in stock sizes won't work).  We also have many other tartans listed there that we can custom order to your specific size.

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  • 4
    Black Watch kilt

    Posted by Guy Mcilroy on 15th Feb 2021

    Brilliant kilt, fits correctly , only thing that took away a star on the rating is the small worsted knot on front at belt height. No one will see it, but it is a minor blemish.
    Weight and feel of the kilt is awesome, hangs beautifully and swishes well. quality biuild and beautiful tartan (100% wool makes a huge difference). So impressed!

  • 5
    8yd. Black Watch wool tartan

    Posted by D.J.Dufner on 26th Dec 2020

    Recently Purchased my first 8yd tartan from
    UTKilts , a BlackWatch tartan and I couldn’t be happier or more pleased.
    Affordable ,comfortable , a perfect fit, perfect warm wool for winter ware. All in all a very nice and well made product that I would recommend to anyone.
    Thank you,Brice

  • 4
    Fits great, nice weight, looks to be built very well and priced reasonably. I'm a happy camper. This is my fifth kilt from UT Kilts

    Posted by Joe Hronek on 29th Sep 2020

    The exchange rate, shipping charges and customs added up. Nothing to do with you. Doubled the price. But still a good deal for me. Super service with USPS. Thanks Brice.

  • 5
    I hate long sleeved diapers...

    Posted by Jeffrey Carter on 3rd Jan 2020

    The title says it all! Unfortunately, winter forces them upon me.

    However, when the weather is warm enough, these articles make it very difficult to decide which one I'm going to wear for the day. (Now I understand the woman's dilemma.)

    I have tried purchasing kilts from other vendors with minimal success. Henceforth, I will be purchasing any and all future kilts and accessories from Bryce and UTKilts. Especially after the phone number for one such vendor has now become the phone number a furniture company.

  • 5
    Wonderfully warm

    Posted by Glenn Beckner on 11th Dec 2018

    This is a kilt that will likely impress your Scottish Grandma, it is a great looking kilt and warm enough for early winter and even to Christmas dinner, Gran will be also impressed with the thriftiness of a UT Kilts purchase.

  • 5
    Premium Black Watch Wool Tartan Kilt

    Posted by Matthew on 12th Oct 2018

    This is my third kilt and it is quickly becoming my favorite. With the temperatures getting lower & lower, I was dreading having to wear pants again. But this full wool kilt keeps me warm enough to not wear pants again. It looks fantastic and draws a lot of attention.