Premium Grouse Claw Antiqued Silver Kilt Pin

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Premium Grouse Claw Antiqued Silver Kilt Pin

This premium kilt pin has been designed and made in Scotland.  The designer and maker of the kilt pin says the following, "One of the odder traditions of Scotland. In the Victorian period men would pin grouse claws to their kilts for good luck during hunting trips. Over time they became more embellished, gaining gemstones and decorative silverwork gaining widespread appeal as a fashion item. Known as a 'ptarmigan', they also became love tokens for lovers apart."  Hand-cast and finished in Glasgow by highly trained craftsmen. This really is the finest quality traditional kilt pin made in solid 100% lead free Pewter with an antiqued silver finish.  This kilt pin is perfect for any kilt and any occasion.

Features include:

  • Designed and made in Scotland
  • 100% Pewter
  • 3.5 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide
  • Tough clasp mechanism