Premium Under Ukrainian Skies Fly Plaid

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Proceeds will be donated to the YWAM base in Ternopil, UA.  See information below

Help out those in Ukraine by purchasing a tartan designed by Lidiya Nikolaevna Khlystun Clear, a native born Ukranian.  You can find more information below.  You can choose from our premium or standard traditional kilts.   

Tartan Information

From the designer of this tartan: "Capturing the true blue of Ukrainian People, this design integrates the black for the rich fertile soil of the Ukrainian farm lands, and the gold for the fields of wheat, the deep blue of the sky above. These three items combine to make Ukraine a land of glorious bounty.
About the Designers: Lidiya Nikolaevna Khlystun Clear was born, raised, and lived most of her life in Ukraine; and still has family and many friends there. Her grandfather was a survivor of the Auschwitz Nazi Concentration Camp; so, as for many Ukrainian people, their fight for survival is close and personal. Lidiya is an RN, and considers herself a medical missionary wherever God places her. Her time spent with Roma people in Ukraine helped establish her love for mixed media tapestries. Lidiya lives in the US now with her husband Kelly, and their five children. Kelly is part Scotsman and lives in kilts.
Lidiya hopes for this design to provide hope and inspiration for her country, as well as serve as a reminder to the world of the strength of the Ukrainian people. We WILL have our freedom!! "
YWAM Donations
The designer of this tartan has requested the donations be made to the YWAM base in Ukraine.  The proceeds of the sale will be donated directly there.  (we are still trying to see exactly how much, but around 30% of the total purchase price).  This amount may change in the coming weeks.  We will keep you updated.
Information about this charity can be found by clicking here.


  • Matches our Under Ukrainian Skies premium, standard, and utility kilts
  • 54 x 54 inches wide
  • All 4 sides fringed


This men's fly plaid is 54 x 54 inches.  Typically worn on the left shoulder with a formal jacket. 


We know that you will love our fly plaid.  However, if for some reason you do not, UT Kilts has the simplest and easiest return policy.  Click here for details

Fly plaid 

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