Premium UT Kilts Rampant Kilted Lion Kilt Pin

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Premium UT Kilts Rampant Kilted Lion Kilt Pin

This premium kilt pin is based off the kilted rampant lion UT Kilts logo and made in Scotland.  The Lion Rampant has been the symbol of Scottish Monarchs since at least the time of Alexander II and the 1220s. ‘Rampant’ is a heraldic term for a beast standing on its hind legs, with raised claws, poised ready to strike. It represents the courage, bravery and ferocity of the Scots.  The combination of the kilt with the lion shows that courage, bravery, and ferocity go hand in hand with the Scots themselves and those that choose their extraordinary way of life and dress. Hand-cast and finished in Glasgow by highly trained craftsmen. This really is the finest quality traditional kilt pin made in solid 100% lead free Pewter.  This kilt pin is perfect for any kilt and any occasion.

Features include:

  • Designed and made in Scotland
  • 100% Pewter
  • 3 inches tall x 2 inches wide
  • Tough clasp mechanism