Rampant Lion 1 Pint Tankard - Pewter

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Rampant Lion 1 Pint Tankard - Pewter

This beautiful 1 pint tankard comes directly from the United Kingdom.  It is hand made with the finest quality pewter available.  It has a two lined body and a stylish lion handle and polished finish.  This amazing tankard is made by a company that was first established in 1798!  This tankard is perfect no matter what your choice of drink may be.  Don't hesitate and drink up with this amazing piece history.

Features Include

  • Made from 100% Pewter metal
  • Only the finest quality pewter is used
  • Beautifully designed 
  • Rampant Lion handle
  • Hand made in the United Kingdom

What is pewter?

Pewter is a malleable metal alloy that can be used in the manufacture of many different style products using heat and other tools.