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This is a special order item.  It is NOT in stock.  

It can take up to 8-10 weeks to receive. We try our best to have them around 4. 

Don't Forget to Measure! Special order items can not be returned for incorrect measuring

Special Order Box Pleat Two Color Utility Kilt

This special order listing is to allow you to customize multiple options on the box pleat, two color kilt.  This includes main color, color under pleats, waist, and length   We always recommend ordering, whenever possible, what is in stock as special order kilts are not returnable.  In this listing you have the options for all of our utility kilt styles.  The choice is yours to go with the basic look of the two cargo pockets in the Standard or choose to go all in with the full array of pockets and features from our Wild and Ultimate kilt styles.  Either way you go you will be getting an amazing looking utility kilt for an even more amazing price.  Prices start at only $57 dollars.

Standard Features:

  • 2 snap closures on the waist (one on the inside)
  • 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • 2 Side buckle straps for hip adjustment

Standard II Features:

  • 2 snap closures on the waist (one on the inside)
  • 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • 3 front apron snaps (functional, but not typically used unless windy)

Deluxe Features:

  • 2 snap closures on the waist (one on the inside)
  • 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • 2 smaller pockets on the back
  • 5 snap studded front apron for a unique look
  • 2 Side buckle straps for hip adjustment

Wild Outdoor Features:

  • Two large, removable side cargo pockets with belt loops, along with removable back pockets.
  • Extra pockets in different colors available
  • Slash pockets (jeans style pockets above the cargo pockets)
  • Back and Side cargo pockets have elastic openings that allow for very large openings and easy access
  • D Rings and Front Clips on the belt loops
  • Velcro Closure for the perfect fit every time.

Ultimate with comfort waist Features:

  • Comfort Waist – an elastic waist band on either hip that allows the kilt to adjust up to 4 inches
  • Under-apron Front Pocket
  • Two large side cargo pockets.
  • Two back pockets
  • Two jeans-like slash pockets on either side

Athlete Workout Kilt

  • Velcro waist for the perfect fit
  • 2 Large slash pockets
  • Lightweight polyester/spandex material for superb comfort
  • No metal snaps or hardware anywhere on the kilt

Metal Hardware Finish

Chose the color of any metal that is on your kilt.  This can include snaps, buckles, D rings, and clips (depending on which style of kilt you are getting)


All of our solid colors come in multiple fabrics including poly-cotton blend, poly-cotton ripstop, poly-spadex athletic, and 100% stretch cotton. 

  • Poly-Cotton blend - Medium to heavy weight fabric.  Perfect for every day use.  Machine wash and hang dry
  • Poly-Cotton ripstop - Light weight material.  Ideal for more strenuous activity where a heavier kilt would not be comfortable.  Popular among outdoors users. Machine wash and hang dry
  • Poly-Spandex - Light weight material (even more than ripstop).  Ideal fabric for exercising or other similar activities.  Very popular as lounge kilts due to its light weight.  Machine wash and hang dry
  • 100% Stretch Cotton - Perfect for those looking for a 100% natural fabric kilt

The tartan fabrics come in three different materials:

  • Wool - Same wool fabric used in our premium and standard traditional kilts.  Lots of tartans available.  Good for many activities above.  Machine wash on delicate and hang dry
  • Poly-viscose - Medium to light weight fabric that is the ideal 'wash and wear' tartan.  It is popular for just about any activity listed above.  Machine wash and hang dry
  • Acrylic - Medium weight fabric that we recommend only when either the wool or the polyviscose is not available.  Colors are not as nice as the others and you must take great care cleaning the fabric.  Machine wash on delicate and hang to dry


Matching Flashes Options
There are three options for the flashes you can choose from:
  1. Add matching flashes (main color) - Flashes will be made from the same material that you chose as the main (base) color of your kilt
  2. Add matching flashes (under pleats color) - Flashes will be made from the same material that is under your pleats.
  3. Add matching flashes (both colors, together) - Flashes have two parts on each leg (total of 4)  For this one will be made from the main color and the other will be made from the under pleats color


Special Order Wait Time
I do not have ANY of these kilts in stock.  Although I try and stock as many kilts as possible, it is just not feasible to stock all of these tartans.  Once ordered, it can take up to 8 weeks to receive your kilt.  However, average time is around 4 weeks (not guaranteed)
Waist Measurement
Because some of our utility kilts have an adjustable waist you must follow these sizing instructions exactly:

Standard, Standard II, and Deluxe Utility Kilts: Order the size measured.  Do not change it up or down.  

Ultimate Utility Kilts: Order the size measured. The size you order will be the smallest size the comfort was can go.  The elastic in the comfort waist will adjust up 2 inches comfortably.  It will adjust up slightly more than that but it is not recommended, though once you go beyond the 2 inches you do start to feel the elastic stretching around your waist.

Athlete: Order the size measured. 

Length Measurement:

This really is personal preference.  While some say that a kilt, traditionally speaking, should come to high knee, we firmly believe that you should order what is comfortable.  A good rule we recommend following if you are new to kilts is going with what your current pair of shorts are.  If they are high, mid, or low knee, use them to figure out how long you want it and measure to that point. 

You MUST measure in order to get the correct size.  Please visit our measuring section of the website to determine which size is best for you.  DO NOT use your pants or jeans size to determine your kilt size.  
Because this is a special order item, returns will not be accepted for incorrect measuring.

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