Special Order Made in Scotland Traditional 8 yard Tartan Kilt

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These kilts are not in stock and are made to order

They can take between 8-10 weeks to arrive


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Special Order Woven/Made in Scotland Traditional Tartan Kilt - Any Tartan

We are adding different tartans regularly.  If you don't see yours please contact us

Quick Overview

8 yard tartan kilts woven and made in Scotland - Starting at $399.  These kilts are traditionally made in Scotland by the finest craftsmen.  The average retail for these kilts are around $550 - $700 dollars, depending on the tartan. You will not find a better priced, made in Scotland kilt anywhere else.  

Features Include

  • Made from 16 oz or 13 oz 100% worstedwool fabric
  • Uses 8 yards of fabric (depending on size and tartan pattern)
  • Traditional Selvedge edge, not hemmed
  • Belt loops for belt and sporran
  • Full lining on inside of kilt
  • Double Fringed apron
  • Traditional 3 buckle straps
  • Made in Scotland



Differences between our 3 styles of kilts

8 yard Traditional Scottish Kilt made in Scotland (This listing)

These kilts will be made from tartan material woven in Scotland. However, the difference from the one above is that this kilt will be 8 yards for all sizes (smaller sizes closer to 30 may be slightly less).  If you have ever wanted a traditional Scottish kilt, made in Scotland, this is for you.

5 Yard Wool Casual Kilts Made in Scotland (find these kilts here)

 This style is the perfect kilt for those on a budget or for those that want less material used for a lighter weight kilt in hotter climates.  Using less yardage does mean a kilt with fewer pleats and less 'swing' while walking.  However, these are still fantastic kilts and can be used for casual wear or formal attire.

The cost of your kilt

The cost of your kilt is going to depend on the style of kilt you choose along with your measured waist size and the tartan. Any time there will be a difference in price from what is listed, a cost or 'surcharge' will follow what you are choosing.  The best thing to do is go through and select each of the options.  As you go through your price will update automatically if there are any changes.

Our 16oz wool vs Woven in Scotland 16oz wool

Our premium kilts use a 16oz wool that is a Woolen wool, while the wool we get from Scotland will be a worsted wool. A woolen wool has a more fuzzy or rough finish while the worsted would be a very smooth finish (smoothness varies from mill to mill). Each has its own pro's and cons:

Woolen Wool:

  • Tends to be warmer
  • Easier to clean and take care of
  • Cost to weave is a lot less
  • Tends to wrinkle much easier than worsted
  • Fewer available tartans

Worsted Wool:

  • Tends to wrinkle much less than woolen
  • Has a more smooth-to-the-touch finish than woolen
  • Cost tends to be a lot more
  • Many more tartans available
  • Much more care must be taken for cleaning and long term storage 
  • A typical, traditional kilt made in Scotland would be made from a worsted wool, though other fabrics are used.

Premium wool kilts cost vs Woven in Scotland vs Woven/Made in Scotland

At UT Kilts we have always tried to give the lowest price we could and still offer an amazing, long lasting product. In all of our products, utility or traditional, we feel like we have met that goal. However, we have also wanted to expand our tartan selection so anyone could get their favorite clan or fashion tartan. We have been hesitant since the cost can jump significantly (anyone that has done any research knows this first hand). With this new product offering we believe we have found a way to keep costs down as much as possible while still offering an amazing kilt with Scottish woven tartans.

The following is our price breakdown:

Our current Special Order Premium Woolen Wool 16 oz Kilt is $139.50 (as a comparison).

5 yard casual kilt made in Scotland  - starts at 289.50 (surcharge tartans are typically only 15-20 dollars more)

8 Yard Traditional Kilt (this listing) with 16 oz or 13 oz worsted wool tartan - starts at $399.50 

Fly Plaids and Sashes

The cost of a matching fly plaid or ladies sash will depend on the tartan.  While the surcharge tartans cost slightly more for the kilt, we are able to get the plaids and sashes at a better price than the other tartans

Fly plaid - Starts at $125 and goes up to $180

Ladies Sash - Starts at $69.50 and goes up to $150

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My tartan is not listed.  Are you able to get it?

A:  You bet!  There is a good chance we can.  We are adding tartans to our list almost weekly (at the beginning).  If yours is not here, just use the contact form and we can possibly add it.


Q: Why would one tartan cost more than another?  Aren't they all the same fabric?

A:  They can be, but not always.  In many cases, for example with rarer tartans, the fabric is different and usually costs more to make.  Just send us an email and we can quickly


Q:  Why are these so much more than what your other kilts cost?

A:  While the fabric we use for our kilts is absolutely amazing for the price, it does not have the qualities that a worsted wool has.  The type of worsted wool you need for a kilt is only available in Scotland and that is what drives the cost of these kilts.  If you compare our made in Scotland kilts to anyone else you will see we are around 10-20% less in price.


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    8 yard custom kilt, made in Scotland

    Posted by Peter on 23rd Nov 2019

    Exemplary workmanship, perfect fit, exact tartan (MacLaughlan). While it took a bit more time than expected, it was worth the wait. Considering the cost of a locally made kilt, it was a bargain worthy of anyone of Scottish heritage.
    UT Kilts has been more than accommodating with any questions and service. Brice makes the customer feel that they are getting personal attention, which they are. Every business should be run that way.