Special Order Standard Wool Tartan Kilts

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This is a special order item.  It is NOT in stock.  It can take up to 8-10 weeks to receive.   

Standard Special Order Tartan Wool Kilt 

Most of us have always wanted that beautiful wool kilt in a tartan that we love.   This standard wool kilt will give you that beautiful, Scottish wool kilt with a lighter feel due to less material used.  Made from up to 5 yards of wool fabric, it will give you great looking kilt for a great price.  This kilt is the perfect option for highland games, renaissance fairs, sporting events, and many other events including formal occasions.  Plus, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for it.  At only $99.50, you get the perfect blend of a great price and an exquisitely made kilt.  We have lots of different tartans to choose from. Please be sure to measure as special order kilts can not be returned due to wrong measurements. 


  • Made from wool fabric, up to 16oz weight
  • Lots of tartans to choose from
  • Uses up to 5 yards (depending on size and tartan pattern)
  • Traditional Selvedge edge, not hemmed
  • Belt loops for belt and sporran
  • Full lining on inside of kilt
  • Double Fringed apron
  • 2 buckle straps
  • Matching flashes are included with your kilt

UT Kilts Premium Wool Kilt vs Standard Wool Kilt

 We currently have two types of wool kilts:  The Premium and The Casual.  While both are constructed in very similar ways, there are some differences.  The causal style (this listing) has only up to 5 yards of material and only uses 2 buckle straps.  The premium (located here) has 3 buckle straps and uses 6-8 yards of material.  That gives you a heavier kilt with better "swing" in the pleats and a more traditional looking kilt.  For many the casual kilt is a much better kilt for hotter climates or when needing a kilt that is lighter in weight.  

Special Order Wait Time

These kilts are NOT in stock. Although we try and stock as many kilts as possible, it is just not feasible to stock all of these tartans. Once ordered, it can take up to 8 weeks to receive your kilt. However, in many cases the arrive much sooner than that (in rare cases it can take longer).

Measuring and Sizing

The size that you choose for your order will be the smallest setting on the buckle straps (i.e. a size 36 adjusts from a 36 up to just under a 40). Depending on where you want the buckle to end on your waist will determine your size. A good rule of thumb to follow is to go down 2 inches from your measured waist size. That will put you in the middle of the buckle straps (i.e. 40 measured would order a 38).

You MUST measure in order to get the correct size. Please visit our measuring section of the website for additional questions on sizing. DO NOT use your pants or jeans size to determine your kilt size.

We try and offer as many tartans as possible.  However, we are limited to what is currently being woven by our weaver.  If you still don't see the tartan you want or you would prefer a tartan woven and/or made in Scotland, see our made in Scotland special order 8 yard kilts or our made in Scotland special order 5 yard casual kilts.


Because this is a special order item, returns will not be accepted for incorrect measuring.


American Legacy
Black Watch
Black Watch Weathered
Black Watch Dress
Brotherhood of the Kilt
Brown Watch
Burns Check
Buchanan Hunting
Buchanan Modern
Buchanan Muted
Caledonian Ancient
Cameron of Erracht
Clark Ancient
Colquhoun Ancient
Ferguson Ancient
Ferguson Modern

Fraser Weathered
Graham Ancient
Graham Modern
Gordon Dress
Gordon Modern
Gray Watch
Great Scot
Green Solid
Gunn Ancient
Gunn Modern
Hamilton Gray
Henderson Modern
Henderson Ancient
Highlander Gray
Irish Green
Kennedy Weathered
Lamont Ancient
Law Enforcement
Leslie Green

Macdonald Ancient
Macdonald Dress
Macdonald Modern
Macduff Modern
MacFarlane Ancient
MacFarlane Modern
Macintyre Ancient
Mackay Modern
Mackay Ancient
Mackenzie Weathered
Maclaren Modern
Maclean Hunting
Maclean Weathered
Macleod of Harris
Macleod of Lewis
Macneil of Barra Ancient
Macneil of Barra Modern
Macpherson of Clunny
MacUllay Modern

Morrison Green
Murray of Athol
New World Celt
Pride of Scotland
Ramsay Blue
Robertson Modern
Ross Hunting
Scott Brown
Scottish National
Sinclair Hunting
Smith Modern
Solid Blue
Solid Black
Solid Green
Spirit of the Highlander
Spirit of Scotland
St. Patrick
Stewart Black
Stewart Dress
Stewart Hunting
Stewart Royal
Thompson Camel
Ulster Red
Urquhart Modern
US Armed Forces: Air Force
US Armed Forces: Army
US Armed Forces: Marines
US Armed Forces: Navy