Special Order Tartan Fabric by the yard, Fly Plaids and Sashes, Neck Ties, Great Kilts

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Special Order Tartan Fabric

Tartan fabric by the yard

Fly plaids, sashes, and neck ties

This listing is for those that want to purchase fabric by the yard or other tartan accessories that we do not keep in stock.  Please note that the pictures show in the tartan list is an approximation of what the tartan will look like.  Color variations can and do occur though we try to keep our pictures as close to the what your product will look like as possible.

Tartan fabric by the yard

All of our tartan fabric, whether acrylic or wool, is sold in one yard increments.  They all come in double width.  That means 1 yard of fabric will be 36 inches by 54 inches.  If you order 3 yards of fabric it will be 108 inches x 54 inches.  To order more than one yard change the quantity right above the red 'Add to cart' button. 


Pricing for our fabric are as follows:

1 yard acrylic fabric = $9.50

1 yard 13 oz standard wool = $19.50

1 yard 16 oz premium wool = $24.00

Great Kilts

Great kilts are long pieces of fabric which are hand pleated and then "rolled" into while laying down.  Once on you use a belt to fasten it to you.  While many know exactly how many yards to use for their kilt, here is our guide on how much you will need:

Up to a 36" measured waist - 5-6 Yards

Up to a 44" measured waist - 6-7 Yards

Up to a 52" measured Waist - 7-8 Yards

Up to a 60" measured waist - 9 + yards

A good rule to go by is to always order more if you are unsure.

Fly Plaids and Sashes

This listing will all the purchase of a fly plaid or sash without ordering a kilt.

Fly Plaid - Typically worn over the left shoulder with a formal Argyll or Prince Charlie jacket during formal events.  Pricing for fly plaids are as follows:

Acrylic = $25

13 oz Standard wool = $38

16 oz Premium wool = $50

Sash - Usually worn by women.  While some say it should be worn over the right shoulder, there are lots of different ways to wear this that would be very acceptable.  Pricing for sashes are as follows:

Acrylic = $18

13 oz Standard wool = $24

16 oz Premium wool = $28

Tartan Men's Neck Tie

Currently only the premium wool kilts are available for custom order neck ties.  Price for premium wool neck tie = $23.50