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This is a special order item.  It is NOT in stock.  

It can take up to 8 weeks to receive. We try our best to have them around 4. 

 Previously, each style had their own special order.  We have combined them into one 

Don't Forget to Measure! Special order items can not be returned for incorrect measuring

We encourage everyone to order in stock items for their first purchase whenever possible.


Special Order Utility Kilt

This special order listing is to allow you to customize waist and length beyond what we keep in stock.  We always recommend ordering, whenever possible, what is in stock as special order kilts are not returnable.  In this listing you have the options for all of our utility kilt styles.  The choice is yours to go with the basic look of the two cargo pockets in the Standard or choose to go all in with the full array of pockets and features from our Wild and Ultimate kilt styles.  Either way you go you will be getting an amazing looking utility kilt for an even more amazing price.  Prices start at only $57 dollars.

Standard Features:

  • 2 snap closures on the waist (one on the inside)
  • 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • 2 Side buckle straps for hip adjustment

Standard II Features:

  • 2 snap closures on the waist (one on the inside)
  • 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • 3 front apron snaps (functional, but not typically used unless windy)

Deluxe Features:

  • 2 snap closures on the waist (one on the inside)
  • 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • 2 smaller pockets on the back
  • 5 snap studded front apron for a unique look
  • 2 Side buckle straps for hip adjustment

Wild Outdoor Features:

  • Two large, removable side cargo pockets with belt loops, along with removable back pockets.
  • Extra pockets in different colors available
  • Slash pockets (jeans style pockets above the cargo pockets)
  • Back and Side cargo pockets have elastic openings that allow for very large openings and easy access
  • D Rings and Front Clips on the belt loops
  • Velcro Closure for the perfect fit every time.

Ultimate with comfort waist Features:

  • Comfort Waist – an elastic waist band on either hip that allows the kilt to adjust up to 4 inches
  • Under-apron Front Pocket
  • Two large side cargo pockets.
  • Two back pockets
  • Two jeans-like slash pockets on either side

Athlete Workout Kilt

  • Velcro waist for the perfect fit
  • 2 Large slash pockets
  • Lightweight polyester/spandex material for superb comfort
  • No metal snaps or hardware anywhere on the kilt

Two Tone Colors

Our two tone edition kilts can be applied to any style you want.  The color will always be black with a different color:  Pockets, belt loops, and stitching.


All of our solid colors come in a poly-cotton blend fabric, with the exception of the poly-spandex blend we use for the athlete kilts.  The tartans come in poly-viscose and acrylic.  We prefer polyviscose as it tends to hang better, resist wrinkles better, and wash much easier.  If the tartan you want is not in the poly-viscose, please feel free to use the acrylic version.  It is still a good fabric.

Special Order Wait Time
I do not have ANY of these kilts in stock.  Although I try and stock as many kilts as possible, it is just not feasible to stock all of these tartans.  Once ordered, it can take up to 8 weeks to receive your kilt.  However, average time is around 4 weeks (not guaranteed)
Waist Measurement
Because some of our utility kilts have an adjustable waist you must follow these sizing instructions exactly:

Standard and Deluxe Utility Kilts: Order the size measured.  Do not change it up or down.  If in between sizes, go to the next size up (i.e. 33 goes to a 34)

Wild Outdoor/Wilderness Utility Kilts: Order the size measured.  With the Velcro you can, literally, have huge adjustments either way.  However, we recommend not going beyond 2 inches up or down of the measured waist size.  If you are in between sizes, you can go either up or down since the Velcro will adjust both waist.  Typically we do recommend going up.

Ultimate Utility Kilts: Order the size measured. The size you order will be the smallest size the comfort was can go.  The elastic in the comfort waist will adjust up 2 inches comfortably.  It will adjust up almost 4 inches, though once you go beyond the 2 inches you do start to feel the elastic stretching around your waist.

Length Measurement:

This really is personal preference.  While some say that a kilt, traditionally speaking, should come to high knee, we firmly believe that you should order what is comfortable.  A good rule we recommend following if you are new to kilts is going with what your current pair of shorts are.  If they are high, mid, or low knee, use them to figure out how long you want it and measure to that point. 

You MUST measure in order to get the correct size.  Please visit our measuring section of the website to determine which size is best for you.  DO NOT use your pants or jeans size to determine your kilt size.  
Because this is a special order item, returns will not be accepted for incorrect measuring.

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  • 5
    Special Order UT Tartan Kilts

    Posted by Rebecca on 10th Sep 2020

    I think this is my 12th Utility Kilt from UT Kilts. Everyone I have ordered has been custom made for my squaty body and short legs.
    They fit very well, are comfortable, and the materials last better than a lot of my"normal peoples" clothing. I wear kilts every day so they actually get worn.
    I would highly recommend UT Kilts for the price, options, and especially for Brice's customer services and eye for the details.

  • 5
    Wish I hadn't waited so long...!

    Posted by Ken on 12th Aug 2020

    I have been considering getting a kilt (or two) for literally more than a decade now. I kept coming up with reasons/excuses not to. Until earlier this year. I treated myself to two custom ordered kilts for a late birthday present, and once ordered was eagerly awaiting their arrival... worried I would not like wearing a kilt, worried about what people might think, hoping it would fit right...

    Since the day after the kilts arrived, I have not once worn pants (or shorts)! I didn't quite get my measurements right, but that is on me. And they fit close enough, I can easily keep on wearing them.

    I know that in the very near future, will be ordering another kilt, or two, or three, or...?

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew on 20th Jul 2020

    Very good quality and skilled tailoring

  • 5
    Ripstop Kilts

    Posted by Gary Constable on 20th Jul 2020

    Love these kilts! I have gotten kilts from many places over the years and these are the best! Beautifully finished and they wear well. I have lots of the Rip stop but recently also bought one of the the new spandex material. Really love the light weight and feel of it for summer. Now I am going to have to buy more!

  • 5
    I wont buy from any one else, ever again.

    Posted by Rebecca Reid on 25th Jun 2020

    I have been a customer of UT Kilt for a couple years now. I think I have 10 or more kilts in the closet.
    One thing that has stood out this entire time is ,Brice's commitment to great customer service.
    He answers questions, makes needed suggestions, changes orders, and is just simply a great guy to work with.
    The quality of the kilts is well above anything else out there. Materials, and over all construction is amazing. I wont buy from anyone else now that I have found UT Kilts.

  • 5
    Utility Kilts

    Posted by Brandon Burton on 21st May 2020

    I truly love these kilts. I have 3 different styles and my favorite is by far the ultimate kilt. It truly is the most comfortable kilt and most functional. I am y’all so I special ordered the Length on the ultimate kilt and the wild kilt but the waist sizes are a little bigger that the 2 deluxe kilts that I ordered as a stock item. The deluxes are a bit tighter around the waist and I have to use the bigger snaps setting. So I special ordered the wild in a size bigger along with the custom length and it’s quite a bit bigger around the waist. I do not like the removable pockets on the wild. They don’t stay attached at all. So I then special ordered the ultimate kilt. This time I ordered the same size as my deluxes but it still fits bigger, almost like I had ordered the next size up. I still love the kilt. The polyviscoe material is light and durable. I will definitely order this one again but maybe a size smaller. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  • 5
    Three kilts

    Posted by Edward on 8th May 2020

    Excellent quality. Massively improved from the first kilts I bought, and those were fantastic.

  • 5
    Ultimate utility kilt

    Posted by Ronald on 8th May 2020

    Strongest stitching I've came across fits like a glove durable materials and comfortable

  • 5
    My Clan Bruce Kilt

    Posted by Dusty Smith on 7th May 2020

    A special order after I discovered I have Bruce in my family tree, this is another awesome kilt from UT Kilts. I think I have purchased 10-12 kilts from UT Kilts and love all of them. Thank you!