Standard Dark Gray Utility Kilt

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Standard Dark Gray Utility Kilt


DON'T forget to see our Size Chart to see how to measure for our Utility Kilts!


This is our standard dark gray utility kilt with side cargo pockets and brass studs.  This is our entry level utility kilt.  However, not just those new to kilting will enjoy this simple, yet rugged design of a utility kilt.  It has good sized cargo pockets that will fit the common items a guy wants to carry these days.  Pleats are also sewn down to make sure you always get that perfect look, no matter the activity.  It also has two sets of snaps to make sure you have a solid, comfortable fit.  Don't let anyone tell you that GREAT quality can't come with a LOW price on a utility kilt.  The UTKilts Standard Utility Kilt gives you amazing quality, low price, and a fabulous look.  You won't find anything like this anywhere else!


  • 2 snap closures (one on the inside)
  • 2 large cargo pockets on each side
  • Heavy duty Poly-Cotton material
  • All sizes have standard 22" drop
  • Lifetime warrany on all metal hardware (free replacements sent)
  • 2-3 day shipping via Priority Mail


Please be sure to measure! Measure your waist where you plan to wear your kilt.
That will let you know the exact size to purchase.

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  • 5
    Standard Utility Kilt

    Posted by Gary Griffin on 10th Nov 2019

    I am thrilled with this kilt. Very high quality. Fits perfect as per following the sizing directions. Superb service and delivery.

  • 5
    Excellent garment

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jul 2019

    Once again a well made utkilt. The colour is a perfect shade. Fits well.

  • 5
    Dark grey kilt

    Posted by TomL on 9th Apr 2018

    I wear the standard wool kilts most of the time and thought I should have this for the warmer weather. They fit great, condition is top notch. I watch the video that Brice made about this style kilt and I think I was sold by the end of it. Give this kilt a try for the warmer months.

  • 5
    Standard Dark grey kilt

    Posted by Beth Christman on 20th Mar 2018

    Love it! Ordered it on Monday before St. Patrick's Day and received 3 days later. Wore it on St. Patrick's Day, and everyone complimented me on this Kilt! Will order another one in the future. Thank you thank you cheers!!

  • 5
    grey UT standard

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2017

    my second utility kilt. fit is great , colour is not super dark gray. nice product as usual. i prefer the standard design because 2 pockets are enough for an old guy like me.

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2017

    This is really a nice utility kilt, comfortable, fit well, well finished.
    A nice every day kilt !

  • 5
    Great shipping, great quality.

    Posted by Paul on 5th Dec 2016

    I jut received my 4th kilt from UT Kilts. Good quality kilt at a good price. I ordered it cyber Monday, and received it Friday. UT KIlts seems to have the handle on shipping has everything has come in really quickly. Only one kilt took longer and that was because it wasn't in stock, so its wasn't UT Kilts fault. Bryce has a habit of keeping in contact with customers when needed, which go a long way in my book. Thanks again.

  • 4
    Awesome starter utility kilt

    Posted by T. Knight on 18th Feb 2016

    Context: I've been wearing a kilt at home for a little over a year now, as an alternative to pants/pajama pants for relaxing. I grew up in a family that held on to some of the traditional Scot culture (music, some food, certainly the attitude), but we'd lost the kilt. I met a guy in college who wore his kilt nearly everywhere, and while I thought it was fascinating, I wasn't ready to do that myself. I regret waiting so long.

    I became interested in a utility kilt after spending a year with a SportKilt, which, while I loved the way it felt/flowed/hung, was a constant source of frustration. I owned a sporran but didn't like wearing it, and the inconvenient inner pocket was not enough. I wound up looking around and watching some videos, and UT Kilt came highly recommended from the guy who did the Year in a Kilt YouTube series. After seeing how he dressed his up to make it look casual and professional, I was sold: kilt, pockets, AND class.

    My friends have been putting up with my kilting for a few months now; I've tried to convince them to abandon ship to kilts for testicular health and venal appeal, but they didn't like the tartan designs of my SportKilts. However, I made an instant convert of one buddy when I showed him the UT Kilt.

    Pros: I'm glad I came to UT Kilt. A name-brand utilikilt is four times the price of one of these bad boys, but neither I, nor anyone around me, can tell (though, most people are wondering what the big dude is doing in a skirt, and haven't the context to wonder about brand). On top of being affordable, the UT Kilt looks good, feels good, and it's durable. I took it out "kilting" immediately, and was pleased with how it held up. No blow-ups like with my SportKilt.

    The material is heavy, the stitching down/around the seams is nice and tight, so it holds a pleat no matter what, the apron is plenty wide to prevent "show" if you pop a squat for some reason, and the pockets are great. I'm also a fan of the brass buttons on either hip; it looks classy.

    And that price. Man, can you get over that? This is a quality, DURABLE specialty garment for an unbeatable price.

    Cons: Some of the sewing, particularly around the belt loops, was a little rough. I had to trim a fair amount of excess string. The fabric is also just a bit too stiff, particularly in the cold. I'm sure that with sufficient wearing, it'll loosen up a bit, but in the mean time, it can feel like you're wearing a carrhart around your ass.

    Additionally, make sure you measure your waist very carefully, and DON'T gain weight. These are not made with elastic, and have no give or adjustability (ala SportKilt or Stumptown Kilts, apparently). They're held on by brass buttons at the hips, and two thin straps at the right hip. There's no give whatsoever, so if you underestimated your waist size a bit (I low-balled by maybe half an inch), it can be uncomfortable.

    Field-Test: Where I live, it's been icy and frozen for the last three months. It will miserable and wintery for another two months, at least. That limits where/when I can take my kilts, because frostbite is a serious concern for bare skin (as I write this, there's a 15-minute warning for uncovered flesh). However, the aforementioned buddy convert and I did do a field test of the UT Kilt and a Sport Kilt a weekend ago, and both held up really well. After imbibing, we decided to walk to the nearest BBQ place, in our kilts, in the snow, after dark. We wore hose pulled all the way up to cover our legs, regular winter coats, hats, and gloves. The UT Kilt did its job and kept me warm and cozy--more so than pants have in the past on similar excursions. I'm a convert to the idea of utilikilts, courtesy the excellent garments here at UT Kilts.

    Buy one.

  • 4

    Posted by Trow on 14th Dec 2015

    my brother has been wearing kilts for a while. Both of us work outdoors and he swears by them. Picked up this one and have done work and recreation in and have been impressed. Hiking and canoeing, truss and roof work no worries. Put one on my Christmas list