Standard Scottish National Weathered Wool Tartan Kilt

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This amazing wool kilt is the perfect answer to those wanting a traditional kilt, lighter in weight that will look amazing for both formal and informal occasions..   The kilt is made from 4-5 yards of woolen wool tartan fabric.  This makes for a lighter weight kilt while still trying to keep as much "swing" in the pleats as possible.  Whether you need something lighter for a highlander games or just something more budget friendly, the UT Kilts standard wool traditional kilt is perfect.  Plus, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for it.  At only $89.50, you get the perfect blend of a great price and an superbly made kilt.  


  • Made from woolen wool fabric
  • Uses 4-5 yards of fabric (depending on size and tartan pattern)
  • Traditional Selvedge edge, not hemmed
  • 2 Belt loops for belt and sporran
  • Stunning pleating to the stripe (2 black stripes)
  • Full lining on inside of kilt
  • Double Fringed apron
  • Casual 2 buckle straps
  • Comes with a 24 inch total length
  • Matching flashes can be purchased here

Tartan Information

This is a universal tartan.  That means it does not have any clan or other affiliation.  You do not need to have any special historical or ancestral connection to wear it.  It is also an Exclusive UT Kilts tartan.

UT Kilts Premium Wool Kilt vs Standard Wool Kilt

We currently have two types of wool kilts:  The Premium and The Standard.  While both are constructed in very similar ways, there are some differences.  Please see the chart below for the differences between the premium and the casual

Premium Standard                            
6-8 Yards of Fabric

Up to 5 yards of fabric

woolen wool

woolen wool

3 Buckle straps

2 Buckle straps

Sizing / Measuring

It is extremely important you follow our measuring video and order the size you need based on your measurement, not pants size. All of men's pants are labeled 2-4 inches smaller than what they actually measure. Please see our measuring video below or checkout or measuring page here.

The size that you choose for your order will be the smallest setting on the buckle straps (i.e. a size 36 adjusts from a 36 up to just under a 39.5).  Depending on where you want the buckle to end on your waist will determine your size.  A good rule of thumb to follow is to go down 1-2 inches from your measured waist size.  That will put you in the middle of the buckle straps (i.e. 39 or 40 measured would order a 38).  

You MUST measure in order to get the correct size.  Please visit our measuring section of the website to determine which size is best for you.  DO NOT use your pants or jeans size to determine your kilt size. 


If you follow our measuring video in the videos section below, you will get a kilt that fits.  However, if for whatever reason it does not, UT Kilts has the best and easiest return policy.  Click for details.

Other Colors Available

Several other tartans are available in our traditional standard and premium wool kilts.  Check them out here

Custom waist sizes, lengths, or colors

Need a waist size or length not listed here? Looking for a different color? Click here for our special order listing here that will allow you to customize the kilt to your exact waist and length (only recommended if our in stock sizes won't work). We also have many other colors listed there that we can custom order to your specific size.

This item is in stock (unless indicated). Typical shipping is 2-3 days (though it can take up to 5 in some rare cases). Optional 2 day and overnight shipping is available. Prices can be seen in your cart or at checkout.  If you need overnight delivery for Saturday, please reach out to us directly using our contact page.


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