Wild Outdoor / Wilderness Replaceable Pockets

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Wild Outdoor / Wilderness Replaceable Pockets


Turn your wild kilt into a two color kilt with different color pockets.  Included are all 4 pockets, two side cargo pockets and two back pockets.  They are exact replacements to the ones that came originally with the kilt.  Changing just the color of the pockets is almost like getting a whole new kilt.  It will give a much different and unique look than what you had before.  At only $12.50, it is an inexpensive and easy way to change the look of your kilt.  All the colors we currently stock in the Wild utility kilt are also available in the replaceable pocket sets.  


Features Include

  • Original style of pockets that came with your kilt
  • Several colors available
  • Super low price
  • Will fit 2nd generation only


Not sure if these fit your wild?  It is easy to tell!  In order for these to fit your Wild kilt you must be able to remove all 4 pockets.  If your kilt only has the side cargo pockets that are removable, these will not fit.